Illegal political advertising transformed into something nice for the population.

Every election year in Brazil, illegal stands with political candidates campaigns invade the streets, polluting the city and disrupting mobility. What's worse: when campaigns come to an end, tons of campaign pamphlets and stands are left on the streets. Yes, tons of campaign trash. And most of it will end up in landfills.

But what if at least this dirt of politicians could be turned into something good?

Thinking about that, Mobilize and Mauricio Arruda Design teamed up to create Political Furniture. A project to turn illegal political advertising into something nice for the population.

First, we collected illegal stands, which were hindering mobility. Then, we designed five pieces of furniture with the help of Mauricio Arruda. Then, we just had to set it all up and turn it into an open-source project for the population. So people can make their own furniture and help the candidates to fulfill their noble purpose: serving the citizens of Brazil.

And, if you’re not in Brazil, you can also take part. Check out the tutorials and get inspired. Maybe it can help you make your own city a better place.

Maurício Arruda develops and executes architectural, stage design and product design projects. Master in Architecture with specialization in Sustainable Buildings, Maurício participated in the drafting of Agenda 21, which sought to outline new perspectives on Sustainable Buildings for developing countries. His design creations, full of color, identity and Brazilianness, also carry environmental and social concerns, the result of extensive research in this area. Maurício has established himself as a reference in contemporary Brazilian production, receiving invitations to exhibit in international galleries and sign collections for major national brands. To learn more, click here.

Mobilize Brasil is an non-profit initiative that aims to contribute to improving urban mobility and quality of life in Brazilian cities, so they can be more humane and democratic, with quality public transportation, better structure for cycling and accessible sidewalks. Founded in 2011, Mobilize Brasil operates in the areas of education, culture and citizenship. To learn more, click here.